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Girls, Girls, Girls [1/7]

Title: Girls, Girls, Girls
Author: distractionz aka yours truly
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Panic! At The Disco
Pairing: Bryan (whoaz, I just started a new Brendon/Ryan phenomenon with that one, didn't I? Lol. Besides, people always spell Brendon with an O and then spell Rydon with an E or an A and it's annoying...)
Summary: The neon sign flashed these promises of lap-dances and dirty sex on dirty tables so plainly and Ryan was loving every minute of it. Brendon was just wishing the sign had read 'Girl, Girls, Girls, and Perhaps a Boy or Two'.
A/N: Just so you know, I'm a media-whore and any references made about any celebrity and their possible crack-smoking and same sex fucking should be either ignored or blamed on my lack of sleep and/or odd obsession with celebrities and their possible crack-smoking and same sex fucking. That's all and please enjoy ;D Also, much thanks goes to cyclogenesis (even though she probably hasn't the faintest who I am) for writing this primer on these guys' girlfriends without which, this story of acutely accurate information mixed with complete and utter insanity, may never have been possible. Also, praise, flames, criticism, and baked goods all welcome!
WARNINGS: Straight sex! OMG! So. Not. Normal.
Disclaimer: If I actually owned people, they would never be allowed out of my house, I promise you.

(Chapter 1: Keltie)
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