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Doubles Roll Again [Standalone]

Title: Doubles Roll Again [Standalone]
Author: distractionz
Rating: R
Pairing: Brendon/Ryan
POV: Ryan
Summary: It was dumb, blind luck that good people died inside every day only to please someone else's eyes.
Warnings: Straight sex (not detailed), self-harm, mentions of abuse, disturbing situations involving blood play, and character death.
Disclaimer: I hope to God that no one is forced to live such a detached and lost existence as this.
Dedications: I dedicate this story to breathingtubes for paving the way for bandom eating disorder fics and writing so beautifully. I hadn't read Carpal Tunnel Syndrome until I was already about halfway through this but it definitely pushed me to continue.
Author's Notes: This is the first fanfiction I have ever written that is in no way meant to be humorous. This story is a culmination of what I and many of my closest friends have gone or are going through on a daily basis. If you are uncomfortable with the unhappy truths of eating disorders and their effects on our society, I suggest you do not read this.
Also, you should know that I wrote this in different pieces and it came out sort of choppy. But I'd still really appreciate comments and criticism because, even if the words don't flow that easily, the idea for the story is something that is a big part of my life and it would mean a lot to me if I knew people related to it.
(Doubles Roll Again)
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