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Oh, how I hate fangirls with internet access.

I found this little piece of heaven while trudging through the hell that is fanfiction.net.

Title: Gaara's past friend
Summary: Gaara thought he was alone from the very beginnning but was that really true? [As a matter of fact, that is true.]
Author: SaSuKeIsMiNe635 [Does anything else need to be said?]
The Story:

Gaara walk[ed] into class and sat down. He started to think[,] was he always this alone? Or was there someone he had but had moved far away when he was little? Gaara thought hard but he couldn’t remember so he decided to just let it go for a while. [He was starting to think he was trapped in a horrible alternate universe where he was somehow magically attracted to the author of this fanfic.]

Everyone was starting to settle down and was getting ready to learn when suddenly a girl ran in.” Sorry I’m late I got lost,” said the girl out of breath. Gaara looked up at her and she was beautiful but he thought she’s so familiar she had blonde hair that was tied into ponytails and she had brown eyes the gleamed so much it was amazing. [I think my brain just exploded.] Gaara just stared at her thinking that he knew her from along time ago but he just shook his head and looked down again. “Its okay just have a seat next to Gaara,” said Iruka smiling. “Oh thanks so much!” said the girl. She sat down next to Gaara. “Psst..umm Gaara is it?” The girl asked. “Hush yes it is but we can’t talk now its class time sorry,”Gaara said [wondering why he was in Konoha, and why he gave a shit whether the teacher caught him talking in class]while still listening to Iruka. She nodded “Right but could we talk after class? I have something to tell you by the way my name is Yuka,” (means fragrant; friendly blossom) she said smiling. “Okay we’ll meet at the bench you know where that is right?” asked Gaara. “Yes of course I’m not that retarded,” she said laughing. [She was blissfully unaware of her mental capacity.] Gaara laughed [*Does a double take*] to but then looked back at Iruka and started listening again. Yuka did the same thing she didn’t want Gaara to get in trouble.

When it was lunchtime Gaara sat down by himself because his other two friends were sick. Yuka had just got out of the lunch line and started to look around for a seat. “Yuka sit here with me, Naruto, and Sasuke!” shouted Sakura. [Somehow Team 7 had also been drawn into this monstrosity, but they were so out of character they didn't notice.] But Yuka saw Gaara all by himself and walk to his table and sat down then shouted back “I will tomorrow okay?” Yuka said. “Mkay,” Sakura said then sat down again. “Hey Sasuke what do you think of Yuka?” asked Naruto. Sasuke looked up “Hn, She’s okay seems nice said Sasuke then began eating again. “Well I think she great she does seem nice though can’t wait to see her in training I wonder how good she is?”Naruto said excitedly “Ya she nice seems really friendly.”Sakura agreed.” Well Naruto we already know she going to be better than you,”Sasuke said with a smirk. Naruto glared at Sasuke “Ugh!” Naruto said angrily but then return to eating. [In the name of all that is holy, please, I beg you, learn how to seperate your damn paragraphs.]

But sakura wondered why she was sitting with Gaara. She shook her head and went back to talking to Sasuke and Naruto. “Hey Gaara do you mind I sit by you?”Yuka asked. Gaara looked up “No its fine,” He said smiling. “So how old are you now? Yuka asked. “Seventeen years old,” said Gaara.

“Really? Me too,” said Yuka smiling. Gaara love having her sit by him he actually felt like he had a true friend and not just one to fight with but a really good friend. [Words fail me.] Gaara felt like he knew her already…maybe he did in the past but he couldn’t remember. Yuka giggled “I can’t wait to tell you what I have to tell you!” Yuka said excitedly. Gaara just smiled [No. Just no.] he couldn’t wait to he wanted to know what it was. “Let me guess your not going to tell me now but your going to tease me the rest of the day?”Gaara asked. She laughed and said “Yup!” then took another bit of her apple. “Well I think we should get going to class or will be late,” Gaara said. Yuka nodded. They both got up and dumped their trays in the trashcan and went to class but it was training class. Yuka was up first. [Suddenly Gaara slipped back into character and brought this fic to a messy end.

No, wait. That was just wishful thinking.]

Okay Yuka I want you to hit those three targets with any move you want to okay? Kakashi said [telepathically]. She nodded then jumped in the flipped and when she was upside down in the air throw the weapons she was gave and hit all three targets perfectly. “How was that?” Yuka asked as she landed. “Great! That was perfect I see you worked hard,” kakashi said while nodding. Yuka smiled. “That was great!” Sakura and Naruto said together. Sasuke nodded and said “impressive,” ["But not impressive enough to warrant a capital I."] and went to take his turn. “Thanks you guys,” Yuka said gratefully. Gaara was on a different team so Yuka didn’t get to see his moves but she was sure they were great. Sakura looked shocked she wondered why Sasuke said impressive to Yuka but not her. Did Yuka try to impress Sasuke because she likes him? No that’s not it Yuka wouldn’t do that to Sakura because Yuka knew how much Sakura liked Sasuke [thanks to her ability to read minds]. But sakura had to find out if she did like him or not so she talk to Yuka after class. Sakura was very jealous that Yuka got Sasuke attention and Sakura tried so hard but still couldn’t get Sasuke to even compliment her on her skills. Sakura frowned.

After class Sakura ran up to Yuka and ask her straight up. “Do you like like sasuke?!” she said wondering. Yuka laughed a bit then replied “No I like him as a friend and only a friend is this about him complimenting me on my skills by saying impressive? Yuka asked. [Her psychic powers were quite impressive.] Sakura laugh too “Yes it is sorry I just got jealous,” Sakura said blushing. “Its okay I wouldn’t do that to you I know how much you love Sasuke said Yuka. Then Yuka waved goodbye to Sakura and walk to the bench and waiting there was Gaara. “Hey sorry I’m late Sakura had to ask me something,” said Yuka. “Its okay now just tell me what you have to tell me!” said Gaara excitedly [Gaara? Excited? Surely you jest.]. “ Okay okay I will My secret or thing I have to tell you is..Yuka got cut off when Ino walked by and said “ What are you doing with Gaara he weird come with me,” said Ino and grabbed Yuka arm and pulled her away. “Gaara sorry I’ll tell you tomorrow in the morning cause we don’t have school so meet here again sorry!” said Yuka walking away. Gaara frowned and looked down and thought hard [No doubt wondering why he didn't kill Ino for her comment.]. Was she something he had that was very special to him when he was younger?.

There was another chapter, but I was too traumatized by the first to read it. Why can't people keep their fangirlish fantasies to themselves? D:

By the way, I'm new here. Yo.

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